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Sport preparations

Guca is a famous tourist city, with excellent climate and favorable conditions for sports. Natural facilities provide quality fulfilled free time. Guca has good road connections to all parts of the country.

Hotel Nordic is located in Guca at an altitude of 350 m. This area is characterized by moderate continental climate, which fits into the optimal height requirements for a quality sports training processes. Hotel guarantee good conditions for the preparation of athletes in various sports disciplines.

Hotel has 2 football field, 2 field for basketball, 2 field for volleyball (one of this is designed for beach volleyball), handball field and two indoor hall where also can perform trainin. Near the hotel are numerous trails, forest and open roads, suitable for running and walking. Clean air, the optimum temperature, the diversity of terrain, are extremely favorable natural environment for stay and work, as well as achieving top results.

Sports infrastructure

– Grass football field FK Dragačevo
– Two basketball field
– Two volleyball field (one of which is provided for beach volleyball)
– One handball field
– Two closed hall
– Swimming pool (use of swimming pool is specially arranged)


– Accommodation in 1/2 and 1/3 rooms
– Three meals a day at the menu which was agreed with the coaches
– Free laundry equipment
– The use of open field
– 24 hour medical surveillance


– Hotel Nordic is in the center of Guca, without traffic and noise
– The rooms have a bathroom, TV, Wireless Internet
– The menu is completely adapted to the needs and age of athletes
– Hygiene and safety of children are at a high level
– Health surveillance 24 hours, are also possible free medical check-ups
– Free laundry equipment
– The ability to use rooms for leisure (sony playstation, billiards, darts, table tennis, table football, ..)
– The possibility of organized walks with guides

PACKAGE PRICE for children up to 18 years is a deal, depending on the size of the group, the number of days of preparation, and other factors. We make a deal for a number of free packages on the total number of billable.